1 Tool, 2 Minutes with the S-Series Combines

Do you ever dread the moment when it comes to switching heads on your combine? Well, when it’s time to switch from corn to beans or vise-versa, you can do it with 1 tool in 2 minutes. John Deere has provided this video on just how easy it is! They compare a John Deere S770 to a Claas 760. Take a moment to watch!

What do you have for a combine? 9570? 9650? 9760? Ever thought about upgrading to an S700 Series? If you have an S700 Series, do you like it? There are many investments that can be made with an S700 Series – 4600 CommandCenter Display, Combine AdvisorTM with ActiveVisionTM cameras, ActiveYieldTM, John Deere Operations Center, JDLinkTM Connect and John Deere Connected Support are just to name a few. It's never too late for a new combine! Check out this video that John Deere provided on just how great the S700 Series are!

Oh! To top it all off, better get yourself a pair of John Deere Tracks! Now your ability to get into your fields sooner is easier than ever. Reach a road transport speed of almost 25 miles per hour! Whoa! The suspended track system provides a smoother ride with better ground following. Talk about a more comfortable harvest and finishing faster!

We hope harvest is off to a great start this season and if you haven’t hit the fields yet, we hope you are ready when you do get out there!

Please contact us if you have any questions (or would like to purchase one!) on the S700 Series Combines!