Maximize Combine Performance & Profits this Harvest

This harvest, you will be able to automatically adjust to changing conditions and reduce losses with Combine Advisor. Combine Advisor allows you to maintain combine settings that you choose, no matter the moisture or crop conditions. Set it and forget it, your combine will do what you want and will continue to adjust while you harvest. The following are a part of the Combine Advisor suite.

ActiveVision™ Cameras:
You will be able to see what your crop looks like with the ActiveVision™ Cameras. This is design to determine changes in grain quality. You can view the cameras by pushing the live camera button on the Combine Advisor screen. Cameras are used on the clean grain elevator and tailings elevator to help you see what’s going on in a real time view. One of the benefits of the clean grain elevator cameras is the view grain analysis option. This option provides a color-coded identification of grain quality issues such as foreign material, unfresh grain, and broken grain in your sample.

Auto Maintain:
Auto Maintain is a feature on Combine Advisor that automatically adjusts your combine setting to maintain grain loss and grain quality performance targets as conditions change. Auto maintain gives you the confidence your combine is running correctly no matter who's in the seat.

Ground speed is automatically adjusted and regulated on the go. HarvestSmart™ helps to maintain a consistent crop load and adapt to crop variations. Combines can run closer to their power limit because this system analyzes engine power, load, and rotor pressure to determine the most efficient speed.

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