A 1972 John Deere 55 Story

Patrick Byrne, Galesburg Turf Equipment Service Manager, shared this sweet story with me and I wanted to share it with you all! -Courtney, Marketing Manager

My good friend Brett brought in his 1972 John Deere 55 lawn mower that has not run in over 15 years. He has been hanging onto the lawn mower because his grandfather bought it brand new from the local John Deere dealer back in 1972, and because it has sentimental value. Brett’s grandfather used to take Brett for rides on the mower when he was very young, and when Brett was old enough he taught him how to mow with it. His grandfather also used to mow a few of the neighbors’ lawns, and Brett used to assist his grandfather on the 1972 John Deere 55 classic. Brett has wanted to get the old lawn tractor running for years so that he may share the same experience with his son little Brett Jr. who is now 6 years old, the same age Brett Sr. was when his grandfather took him for his first ride. He called me one day just recently and asked if Martins could help him fulfill his dream of getting the old mower running. Our very own long time technician Mark Byrd was able to figure out what was wrong with it in a very short period and after we put our heads together to locate some hard-to-find parts, the classic mower came to life. After we put one more part on, we will be ready to deliver the old mower back to Brett and allow him to make some new memories with his son Brett Jr. He is so excited to see the mower run and can’t wait for us to get the last part on to complete the long-awaited revival of the old classic 1972 John Deere 55 riding lawn mower.