A.I. and Machine Learning Allows for Maximum Combine Performance & Profits

The John Deere combine advisor option allows you to maintain harvest performance on the go with changing crop conditions. Combine Advisor is a suite of technologies which helps the combine operator set and optimize the John Deere S700 series combine and then automates the combine to change with the conditions.

Combine Advisor consists of the following technologies: HarvestSmart™ system for automation of feed rate, Active Terrain Adjustment™ system for terrain change management, and Auto Maintain with ActiveVision™ cameras for crop condition change management. The VisionTrak system offers live pictures of crop inside the combine and is continually monitoring the crop and foreign material. Machine learning allows Combine Advisor to make slight changes to ensure the combine is running at optimum performance.

Salesman and Integrated Solutions specialist Cody Wisslead has this to say about Combine Advisor, “We had one customer who purchased a new S780 with combine advisor and is a total believe in what it does. Our customer liked that once he set the combine where it needed to be, you turn on the automation and the software does the rest.” Cody went on to say, “the combine adjusted continuously throughout the day, variables such as temperature, crop moisture, and seed varieties are things that we don’t normally account for when making small combine adjustments but Combine Advisor does.”

If you would like to know more about how Combine Advisor will work on your farm, John Deere has an excellent series of videos about what combine Advisor is and how it will work on your farm. Additionally, our sales department or Integrated Solutions department is here for you to answer any questions about Combine Advisor and other harvest solutions for you this fall.

Video List

Why Combine Advisor

Combine Advisor in Soybeans

Combine Advisor in Corn

Overview Video of John Deere Combine Advisor