A Tractor That Was Built for You

Do you want a tractor that stands out from the rest? You asked for a tractor that has visibility and maneuverability to easily make your way around your property. John Deere listened and made it happen!

The 6M Series has a new sloped hood and panorama roof; you are sure to see it all! When the loader is at its full height you can see it perfectly and that means less guesswork and more actual work. You belong to the best seat in the house, and we want to put you there!

The 6M Series is designed with a shorter wheelbase to take you in the tightest of spaces. It also has a tighter turning radius. You will be impressed on where it will be able to take you!

Are you looking to be hands free this spring? With the AutoTrac in the 6M Series, it's never been easier to go automatic with hands-free steering. This is now available in a corner post display; no other display needed. This also helps reduce implement overlap and finish more acres in less time. Benefits of the AutoTrac include easy to access, setup, initiate, and less cost than adding an additional display and activation.

Stop by your local Martin dealership today and talk with one of our Sales Professionals! 6M Series – the tractor that was built for you.