ActiveYield = Active Calibration

Have you ever experienced a time when you knew your combine yield monitor was off, but you didn’t want to take the time to recalibrate?

John Deere ActiveYield provides continuous calibration of the mass flow sensor through load cells installed in the grain tank in your combine. Load cells in the grain tank estimate the change in weight of grain as the grain tank fills. The AYM controller software in the moisture sensor compares the grain tank load cell data to the clean grain elevator mass flow sensor date and adjusts the mass flow sensor calibration curve to minimize error.

ActiveYield is an option that can be added to new combines or as a bundle that can be retrofitted to all S-series combines. ActiveYield requires the use of a StarFire Receiver with a TCM, the combines Mass Flow Sensor and Moisture Sensor. ActiveYield also requires the use of a 2630 or 4600 display.

Without ActiveYield, calibrating the grain force sensor in every type of crop condition would happen 5-20 times a day to remain accurate.

Salesman, Chris Parrish, has this to say about ActiveYield, “Customers that rarely or sometimes calibrate yield will see a huge increase in the data accuracy as the system automatically calibrates the mass flow sensor. Customers that spend a lot of time calibrating will have a time savings benefit compared to previous system calibrations. ActiveYield best practices – perform mass flow vibration calibration every time you switch heads, check moisture sensor temperature and compare to outside temperature every couple days, make sure the receiver TCM is calibrated properly and most importantly do not try to apply a yield correction until you do at least 80-100 acres and accuracy is off 5%.”

For more information, John Deere has provided this video that goes more in depth on how ActiveYield works with your combine. You can also contact any of our locations and talk to our sales department or our integrated solutions department to answer any of your questions. Let’s make it an ActiveYield this fall!