Benefits of John Deere Certified Pre-Owned Equipment

One of the benefits that accrues to John Deere buyers of both new and used farm equipment is the option to purchase the PowerGard Protection Plan. It is a reasonable way to assure that your expensive vital equipment is always ready to serve you well.

PowerGard Protection is especially valuable if you decide to sell or trade your equipment before the warranty term expires. Depending on the protection term you choose, it can be transferred to a new owner, making used John Deere equipment an even better deal for a second owner.

"Certified Pre-owned" offers another level of confidence, one that Martin believes is unique!

Every Certified Pre-owned Tractor, Combine or Sprayer is covered by a one-year Comprehensive PowerGard plan. In addition to the cost savings that you gain by buying a used machine, you can buy with confidence, knowing that you have many of the benefits of new equipment.

There are specific points of inspection and degrees of certification, depending on the machinery, but in general Martin assures buyers of certified used equipment that they will have consistent, reliable service when they take home a certified tractor, combine or sprayer that formerly belonged to another owner.

That's a high expectation and a valuable selling tool, and it constitutes just one more reason to consider John Deere and Martin for all your farm machinery needs.

We hope you'll take that information to heart, and we'll hope to see you when you're interested in farm equipment!