Built For Your Toughest Jobs

Upgraded and ready to work – the all-new John Deere 9 Series Tractors. They are offering more power and precision than ever before! When weather and your field conditions are right, you must get in and get the job done. With the 9 Series Tractors you can get the work done faster then ever before.

No matter the terrain or conditions, these tractors give you the strength and power you need to pull heavier and wider implements with ease. The rear hitch can haul up to 20,000 lbs.

The new 9 Series Tractors deliver improved fuel efficiency, faster start times, and it stays in the power band longer for long pulls or tough spots in the field.

The 9 Series Tractors are built to handle larger implements with its rear 3-point hitch-lift and category 5 drawbar. Let your most challenging jobs become your favorite ones.

The all new 9 Series Tractors are going to help you gain ground, confidence, improve efficiency, more control, and time!

The 9R and 9RX have 640 hp – one of the highest horsepower models in the industry! These tractors are built with the new 13.6L engine.

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Check out John Deere’s video on the all new 9 Series Tractors HERE.