Buy Now & Have Piece of Mind this Harvest and Fall Seasons

With harvest and fall just about to knock on our doors, being prepared by getting some extra parts and supplies should be on your to-do list starting now! We were proactive and ordered extra parts ahead of season just so we were prepared. There might still be some parts that we will need to order, but we hope to have the essentials on hand for you.

The next time you stop by the dealership, think about getting one or two extras to have on hand so if you happen to break down in the middle of mowing your lawn, moving rock, combining beans, hauling a grain wagon – whatever it may be – you have that part and can replace it vs having to stop by the dealership.

If you happen to not have the part you need, you can easily look it up using our Customer Portal to see if we have it on hand! You don’t even need to log in to check the part availability – click here to watch the short how-to video. If you find the part you need, simply log in and order – skip the line at the dealership!

We want to make sure you have a successful harvest season and fall season. I can’t believe it’s already that time of year – can you? Contact us or stop by today!