Comfort Plus Convenience Adds Up

What makes John Deere so successful over time is that as a company they have been great listeners. One example of this is offering Performance Upgrades and Attachments that give you the opportunity to make your combine better or more like the new models sold here at Martin Tractor!

Take for instance these two handy attachments you can add to your S-Series combine (Model Year 2012 – 2016) which are now factory installed equipment.

Kick back and relax with a Foot Peg Kit (KXE10454) and give your legs a rest while spending long hours in the combine drivers seat. In the past we had many different foot pegs assemblies- the cooler or the toolbox are two that come to mind. These pegs though are mounted at the ideal height to keep you comfortable and alert while combining this harvest.

Have you ever filled the grain tank too full and then heard that awful sound on the combine cab roof? Most of us can say yes to this. With the additional Grain Tank Mirror Kit (KXE10458) you will have a great view of your combine’s grain tank without turning your head and taking your eyes off the field.

Better your days in the field this harvest with these two handy combine attachments from John Deere and Martin Tractor. Add comfort on the inside and convenience on the outside! To learn more, visit your Martin Tractor Parts department or click here for the combine attachments guide.