Commercial Lawn Care With Martin Sullivan

When your business depends on the equipment you use, we know that it's not just the initial investment in the machinery, but also the ongoing service and maintenance that influence your decision to buy new and replacement equipment. We also know that the variety and usability of available options to make the job easier are important considerations. That's why we believe that John Deere -- and Martin -- win hands down.

With 13 locations to serve both individual customers and large commercial clients, we offer the service and support you require. But it's our position as a supplier of John Deere machinery that cements the relationship
We have the attachments, add-ons and gear to help you get the job done right, wherever and whenever you tackle it. Even a partial list is impressive:

  • Striping and Mulch Kits
  • Blades, Skid Shoes and Snowblowers for winter
  • Spreaders, Sprayers and Aerators

Then there's the fun stuff: We have deluxe seats, arm rests, light kits, sun canopies and more. How about a radio and air conditioning? Well, maybe not -- after all, there are some limits!

But, seriously, we are serious about the value and reliability of all John Deere equipment, from workshop tools to giant farm equipment. In the realm of lawn care, we are equally proud of our selection and our service. We at Martin think you will be too. Why not stop in to talk with our team at any one of our locations? We'll be waiting to serve you.