Committed to Keeping You Going this Harvest

We know when it’s go time, it’s go time and Martin is committed to keeping you going this harvest.

Martin SMARTmobile App

Let’s say your combine is acting up and you need to call our Service Department or our IS Department or our Parts Department at one of our 13 locations. What do you do? Open the Martin SMARTmobile app of course! (Don’t have it downloaded on your phone yet? Follow these links for Apple or Android to download the app today.) All our locations are listed along with their phone numbers. Once the call connects, you’ll be on your way to getting your combine running in (hopefully!) a matter of minutes. Talk about a dealership solution in your pocket! There are also some great How-To Guides that you can look up for a quick refresher. We also have a list of mobile apps on our website that you can download to help make this harvest run smoothly.

Harvest Solutions

As we have mentioned before, ActiveYield and Combine Advisor are two programs that are worth the investment. With ActiveYield, you will see a huge increase in the data accuracy as the system automatically calibrates the mass flow sensor. Without ActiveYield, calibrating the mass flow sensor in every type of crop condition would happen 5-20 times a day to remain accurate. As a refresher, here’s John Deere’s GoHarvest: ActiveYield video that is loaded with information. With Combine Advisor, you get a suite of technologies which helps the combine operator set and optimize the John Deere S700 series combines and the automates the combine to change with the conditions. The following video has a lot of information as to why Combine Advisor is a great investment. Watch the video here.

Martin Combine Warranty

Did you know that Martin offers Pre-Owned Combine Protection on Pre-Owned S Series* Combines MY 2014 and Newer that are still in PowerGard Warranty? The benefits of Martin Warranty are:

  • Comprehensive or Limited Engine & Powertrain PowerGard Coverage (as applicable)
  • FREE Instructional Machine Start-up
  • One FREE in-field maintenance performed by Martin Service Department
  • 100% Coverage on all parts and labor repairs within the first 10 separator hours
  • Following 10 separator hours: 100% coverage on all parts and labor repairs over $250 per repair order**

*Available for 2014 & Newer S-Series combines with less than 1,500 engine hours. Limited or Comprehensive PowerGard required. **This warranty is limited to 150 Separator Hours or One-Season use, whichever comes first. All eligible repairs must be preformed by Martin. Customer is responsible for a $250 deductible for each covered repair order. This warranty is non-transferable to any other customer. Martin is not responsible for physical damage due to negligence, operator error or excessive wear. Some restrictions apply. See Martin for details. Effective Date: 01 November 2018. Expiration Date: 01 October 2019.

If interested, contact us today! We are committed to keeping you going this fall.

As always, please contact any of our locations for more information or if you have any questions. Have a happy fall and a safe harvest!