Data Management: How do you handle it?

How do you handle your data? If you’re wanting to elevate how you manage your data, then John Deere’s Operations Center is the answer for you! This spring Martin Tractor, Inc. started a Proving Ground at our new Macomb location to help show the advantages of a PUK ExactEmerge planter utilizing Gen 4 4600 Automation 4.0 activation versus a John Deere planter utilizing aftermarket systems by Precision Planting.

We utilized a 10(+) year old 24R30 1770NT upgraded with a PUK ExactEmerge Kit in conjunction with 8R 340 equipped with an active JDLink Modem. With this system we were able to send all our planting data using Data Sync wirelessly and simultaneously to John Deere’s Operation Center.

The other setup was a John Deere 8420 with 24R30 1770NT as well, equipped with Precision Planting technology. We were able to pull all the planting data off the 20/20 monitor using a USB and upload it into the Operation Center utilizing Data Manager; just like you can for most John Deere AMS displays not JDLink equipped!

If you’re looking to have better control of your data, contact our Connected Support team today!

During our proving ground day, we used two sets of equipment with different technology, to plant corn. In the field, we alternated the rows that were planted, marking each row with a flag. Our plan is to compare and monitor the corn as it grows after using the different technology and planter upgrades to provide a visual to our customers. Below is a video that we put together to showcase the day!