Happy Fall Y’all! Wow, it is officially here. We hope Harvest is off to a great start and don’t forget, we’re here to keep you moving forward! Make sure to download our Martin SMART app today to stay connected; whether it’s to contact your local Parts or Service Departments, order parts, check the RTK towers, and much more!

A couple weeks ago, we hosted demo days for our employees to come check out what Combine Advisor, Machine Sync and RowMax Chopping Rolls are all about and to see them in action and also to get those who have never been in a combine and/or tractor, in both to get a real feel of harvest. Now we want to share it all with you!

Martin employees had the opportunity to drive an S770 Combine with an 8 row Corn Head with RowMax Chopping Rolls or an S780 Combine with a 12 row Corn Head with RowMax Chopping Rolls and an (ALL NEW) 8R 410 Tractor or an 8370R Tractor. Both Combines were equipped with Combine Advisor and both Tractors were equipped with Machine Sync.

We had a couple of John Deere employees also attend our demo days and share their wealth of knowledge about Combine Advisor, Machine Sync and what to look for during a Power Shutdown. Check out those videos below!

Combine Advisor

Machine Sync

Power Shutdown

We hope you enjoyed our videos and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact your local Martin dealer! Happy Harvest! ??

Shelly Goodin, HR Manager

“Demo Day was an unforgettably exciting experience as I have never been inside a combine. Driving the combine and tractor had me non-stop grinning and then add in the massaging chair, I was in farmer heaven. My whole family wanted to come out and video it. I loved learning about the mechanics of how the heads’ sensors drove the machine without human assistance and the intelligence of the equipment. It felt like Syfy stuff and our guys fix it!”

Trent Klomhaus, Sales Manager

“It was great to have time to run the newest combines and tractors with the newest technology and see it all in action.”

Zach Jinks, Turf Salesman

“My first experience in a John Deere S770 Combine and an 8R 410 was a remarkable experience. Upon entering the combine I realized how luxurious the cab was. Air ride seat, AC/Heat, radio, and plenty of buttons to push. After a quick 1-minute into on how to operate the combine, I took control. The S770 was easy to operate and very enjoyable. The 8R 410 is simple and easy for an operator. Once you get close enough to the combine you let auto steer take control. I thought that was very interesting. Overall experience of the demo day was fantastic. Being able to operate each piece was something I thought I was never going to do. I’m glad Martin made it a companywide event. Being able to catch up with employees face to face is always better than email and phone. Would love to see Martin make this a yearly event and hopefully after COVID, make it available to customers. 10/10 experience.”

Jessica Laux, Accounting

“When I learned that the support staff was invited to participate in Demo Days, I was ecstatic. Up until that point, I only saw equipment as PIN numbers and purchase prices. It was exciting to see what we do in a tangible respect. I am a numbers person, so I was especially interested in seeing the data that the technology captures, like moisture %, bushels per acre, etc. It is exciting to be a partner with a company that see the opportunity in technology. And, even more interesting to learn how they have incorporated it to more productivity for our customers. I also enjoyed learning about how Martin uses the technology (along with our own internal software) to support our customers. Plus, I actually harvested corn! Thanks to Martin, the customer, and the entire team that made this possible! It definitely made me feel more like a part of the team.”

Colton Allen, Salesman

“The demo day was a wonderful opportunity for many of us within the company to acquire hands on experience using the equipment and technology we support and sell. I was very pleased with my experience and look forward to utilizing and sharing it with our customers at Martin.”

Patrick Byrne, Lawn & Garden Service Manager

“I can’t even tell you how excited I was the day I found out that I was going to get my chance to run a Combine in the field. I remember the first time I was out in the country for a fall motorcycle ride and stopped to watch the local farmer clearing his crop. I was amazed by the first green and yellow combine I watched take down each row with precision, 12 rows of corn with each pass. I thought to myself I would like to do that someday, even if it was just once and just one pass. That day I added it to my list of things I wanted to do just once. September 16th, 2020 Martin and Jenks Family Farms gave Martin employees and myself an amazing opportunity. A chance to make that one pass and take down those 12 rows in a John Deere S770 combine followed carefully with technology by an 8 series tractor pulling a grain cart. It is hard to explain the feeling behind that wheel. At first maybe a little fear of damaging such an expensive machine or doing something wrong, followed by reassurance from your co-pilot telling you that all you have to do is line it up with the row and push a button and John Deere does the rest. It was awesome. Thanks to all who were involved in giving me and all Martin employees this great opportunity. Can’t wait to see what I get to learn and experience next.”