Do You Know What Worn Planter Parts Are Costing You?

Do you think your planter can make it one more season without and inspection? It just might surprise you how much worn planter parts can affect your bottom line. Well, don’t you worry because here at Martin, we can help! We can test your meters to make sure you are maximizing your planter’s performance, yield potential and your bottom line.

According to Joe Ackers, Macomb Service Manager, there are multiple benefits to having your meter tested:

  • Testing can identify what see works best for your meter
  • Testing can identify what vac setting needs to be run for the specific seed size
  • Testing will identify population issues
  • Identify worn out parts
  • Will give you the reassurance that the meter is in top working order prior to planting

What are worn planter parts costing you? Putting pencil to paper, let’s look at a hypothetical example based on 2,000 acres of corn with a 16-row 1770NT MaxEmergeTM XP Planter assuming $3.50 market price…


4 bu/a x $3.50 = $14 per acre in potential revenue

For a 2,000-acre corn operation totals $28,000


Meter Inspection, Parts, and Labor to replace Knockout Wheels, Seed Meter brushes, and Vacuum meter seals

$83 per row x 16 rows = $1,328


$26,672 Net Revenue

The bottom line is during a 10-hour day of planting, that’s a BIG investment. Make sure you are getting the most out of your investment and have your meter inspected today.

Schedule your John Deere Certified Meter Inspection today by calling your local Martin Service Department!