Do You Want to Save Valuable Crop this Harvest Season?

Plant23 is here, crops are going into the ground, so now it’s time to think about harvest, right? Maybe not exactly, but you can now start to think about how you can save your crop this fall. With the John Deere Grain Saver Belt performance upgrade kit, you can send your crop to the tank and not the ground.

This harvester performance upgrade kit allows you to control where your grain goes. The overview of this upgrade is that it traps grain and sends it to the grain tank before rolling past the cutter bar and onto the ground. With this kit, you can:

  • Reduce grain loss at the header
  • Keep grain on the belt and off the ground
  • Increase belt life with dual drive guide rollers on 600FD
    • 600FD- compared to standard belts and single drive guides that done offer the ability to be rotated.

If you’re wanting to get the benefits of the newest, advanced technology and keep the front-end equipment you already own, let’s talk today to get you ready for harvest. If you need to know more, visit one of our 13 locations, or contact us to learn what this upgrade can do for you.