Equipping Your Utility Vehicle with Precision Guidance Equipment

Have you ever thought about putting John Deere guidance equipment on your farm utility vehicle? Some farmers and precision specialist have found having the farm’s UTV equipped with the latest John Deere AMS equipment is an absolute must to maximize the return on their equipment and crop.

Below is a brief narrative by Martin IS Specialist, Chris Steidinger sharing the value having an AMS equipped UTV is for him. Enjoy!

Last week while getting our monitors set up for spring I realized that we needed to update some boundaries. In the past we used the Precision 20/20 to control clutches and this year we will be using the John Deere system. Thankfully, I have our UTV setup with a Greenstar harness and I was able to quickly make the updates needed without having to use a tractor or sprayer. While in the field I was also able to update my guidance lines and have them labeled so anyone in the tractor can understand.

If you have a UTV and utilize boundaries and guidance lines I highly recommend getting it equipped with the Greenstar harness and brackets. It is a quick way to update your boundaries and guidance lines the way You want them. I have remapped several lines for customers because waterways get reworked or they are now farming two fields as one. There is no substitute for being able to make your own improvements and just knowing that when you do get to the field your lines are where you want them.

-Chris Steidinger

If you believe this solution is right for you, talk to your dealership IS specialist and let us help you Make your UTV an essential part of your farming operation.