ExactEmerge – Accurate at 10 mph. Exactly.

ExactEmerge – Accurate at 10 mph. Exactly.

You’re used to going 5 mph but ask yourself this: would you still go 5 mph if you could get the same accuracy at 10? Say hello to ExactEmerge. It’s about accurate singulation, population, spacing and uniform depth – all at 10 mph.

With the ability to handle a variety of kernel sizes or shapes with no mechanical adjustments, this improved meter with a new poly-tine doubles eliminator gives you new levels of performance that deliver with precision. The updated concave design allows the meter to gently transfer seed to the new BrushBeltTM, enabling a sharp handoff to the delivery system. While the doubles eliminator precisely singulates your seed for singulation at its finest.

With the electric drive motor and its precise control on each meter, it will deliver to the targeted population and the meter is able to do its job thanks to the newly designed seed bowl. With the vacuum pickup now at the bottom of the seed puddle, gravity is in your favor. Once the seed is singulated, the paddle follows it around to push the seed out of the puddle without seeds falling off.

The BrushBeltTM has since replaced the seed tube. The BrushBeltTM tightly holds the seed from the meter and keeps the seed-to-seed relationship through the delivery system firm and consistent. Then the seed is speed matched to the ground, which allows the seed to be placed gently at the bottom of the trench without traditional bounce and roll found when planting at higher speeds, whether you’re in flat ground or steep hills.

And that’s what ExactEmerge is – a planter that merges speed and accuracy.

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  • ExactEmerge & MaxEmerge 5E
  • Individual Row Hydraulic Downforce
  • Pneumatic Closing Wheel
  • Easy Adjust Row Cleaners
  • Variable Rate Drive
  • Liquid Fertilizer System

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