Expert Alerts - What Are They & How Are They Beneficial to Me as a Customer?

Expert Alerts are a predictive technology that monitors machinery and sends notifications to us, Martin Tractor, whenever a problem may arise. These alerts allows our team to diagnose the issues remotely and fix the issue before it may become a major issue.

For example; you may receive a phone call from our team asking you to check your Vari-Cool fan drive belt in your tractor at your soonest convenience. In this instance the dealership has received multiple DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) notifications about issues with the belt. In this scenario you could utilize a R569237, a forty-cent belt indicator, and check the wear of the belt at your soonest convenience. If you notice the belt is below the indicated worn mark on the tool you know it’s time to replace the belt or it may be that the belt just needs to be greased. Ignoring this issue could result in a failed fan drive and potentially even more damage resulting in significant down time and cost. This proactive approach helps you/us to make the repair in a convenient time for you with little interruption to your operation and bottom line!

We’re ready to keep you farming and farming better! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Connected Support Specialist, Austin Thompson!