Fertilize As You Plant

Every growing season offers a fresh start giving you the chance to grow a better crop then last year. With the all new Integrated ExactRate Liquid Fertilizer System by John Deere, your crop has the opportunity for success year after year.

Have you wanted to make applying nitrogen with ease? With ExactRate Liquid Fertilizer System you will be planting and fertilizing within minutes. This is the first tractor and planter solution for applying liquid fertilizer. It allows the nitrogen to be applied while planting with less compaction.

Factory installed fluid tanks on the planter hold up to 600 gallons with air bleed and overflow protection. The integrated tanks on the 8RX tractor carry 1,000 gallons, with a combined fluid capacity of 1,600 gallons. This means up to 80 acres of liquid fertilizer application.

John Deere has increased the capacity of the seed tanks to 130 bushels. This means up to 30% more seed capacity, allowing you to cover more acres between fills and finish faster.

If you’re ready to plant and fertilize at the same time, then it’s time you stop by your local Martin dealership and talk to the sales team to learn more about how you can be ahead of everyone else this year!

Check out John Deere’s video on ExactRate Liquid Fertilizer System HERE.