Get the Job Done Your Way

Get ready for spring – start preparing now to be sure you have all the tools you need and that your equipment is in shape to tackle spring cleaning projects.

Did you know that STIHL chainsaws are German-engineered and built in America? STIHL also custom manufactures their own guide bars and saw chains for all their machines in-house. STIHL offers a variety of high-performance chainsaws that are engineered for service, day in and day out! If you are looking for a chainsaw to get jobs done around the farm/ranch we got the perfect fit for you! With STIHL’s chainsaws in the “Farm & Ranch” category you will have a variety of different uses. One thing that is sure to please you is that these chainsaws will get the job done!

From homeowners to professional landscapers, STIHL has an assortment of different blowers designed for efficiency, ease of use, and expectational power! Homeowner blowers are made with the weekend in mind. These blowers can power through cluttered yards and walkways with no problem. The battery-powered blower is lightweight, powerful and starts instantly with the squeeze of a trigger! The electric blower is great for around noise-restricted areas. Just plug it in, flip the switch and you are ready to clear your walkway!

Are you someone who loves to keep your yard looking well-groomed? Because we know the feeling of nothing more satisfying than the sound of a trimmer and the smell of freshly cut grass! If so, it’s time to glove up and reach for a STIHL! With the homeowner trimmers you will be able to reach where the mowers couldn’t. With the battery powered trimmer there is zero exhaust emission and zero engine maintenance! Just another way to appreciate the power and convenience of STIHL!

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