Harvest Safety

Harvest Safety – Awareness is the Toughest Thing to Grow

Every harvest, the ‘stay safe’, ‘watch for tractors and combines’, ‘share the road’ posts come out and they couldn’t be truer. As farmers, they provide a very important service providing food to the world – and we thank them! But, as always, while providing awareness about the importance of safety during harvest, farmers need to remember to take care of themselves and their equipment. Make sure to have a fire extinguisher on or in all the equipment, watch for low powerlines and turn off the machine when done. Try to take breaks, have extra workers so there is no rushing to get the job done and most importantly, make sure to have snacks and/or nutritious meals and to get some sleep.

John Deere Financial has provided this video on how important it is to respect farm equipment on the road. Following slow moving farm equipment for two miles in the country is the equivalent to waiting for two traffic lights in the city. So, stay back and enjoy the fall views as it’s such a pretty time of the year!

Happy Harvest! Happy Fall!