How to get BARN QUALITY HAY without a Barn

If you’re a livestock producer, you know the advantages of keeping your feed under roof. It means better quality which means more efficient rate of gain. However, in most cases, we are not blessed with unlimited under roof hay storage, so we must look for other solutions that may be more cost effective and provide us with similar results.

The next best solution behind building a structure is making sure you or your round baler operator uses John Deere netwrap from AMBRACO. You will have three choices of wrap John Deere Edge to Edge, John Deere CoverEdge, or the all new John Deere B-Wrap net wrap.

  • John Deere Edge to Edge covers the bale as it says, “edge to edge”. Each roll has more footage then the rest (10-15% more) which helps you reduce your cost per bale. It offers good protection but doesn’t offer the best protection of the edge of the bale at all times.
  • John Deere CoverEdge cover 15% more surface area and goes over the edge of the and snaps into place to offer better protection during handling, storage, or transport.
  • John Deere B-Wrap is an all-new wrap developed by Tama and John Deere for bales especially stored outside in tough weather conditions. With B-Wrap you get barn quality hay without the barn.

Take a moment and watch this informative video on netwrap from AMBRACO. Martin parts department has a good supply of netwrap available for sale to cover late second or third crop cutting. Click here to reserve your wrap for this season.