Importance of Keeping Your Equipment Clean During Harvest

Let’s talk about your needs for this upcoming harvest season! Do you struggle to see out your windshield when the crop dust gets heavy? Is your header getting clogged up with stocks and you wish you had an easier way to remove them?

The solution is simple: glass cleaner, shop towels, STIHL blower and a few other items. These items will make harvest a lot easier on you! Here’s why: the glass cleaner will cut through corn/bean dust that you will encounter this harvest season, then the John Deere shop towels will be there to wipe it off and any other messes that happen while farming, and a STIHL blower to help clean out the header.

Here at Martin Tractor, we asked our salesmen what top five most important items they would carry with them during harvest season.

Chad Josefson, Galesburg: Chad said it doesn’t take long before his windows are covered in dirt and if you are having trouble seeing it can cause you to hit something in the field that shouldn’t be going through your machine. He said the glass cleaner also works good for unloading so the glare from the sun isn’t so bad. Chad believes that the leaf blower is very important to have during harvest season. You will be able to clean your machine off periodically throughout the day and it could possibly prevent a fire from starting or even save you from getting hurt. Chad also keeps a dustpan and handheld broom with him in the cab. This helps keep the dust down in the cab.
1. Glass Cleaner
2. Paper Towels
3. California Duster
4. Leaf Blower
5. Small Dustpan & Handheld Broom

Todd Kistler, Galesburg:
1. Glass Cleaner
2. Shop Towels
3. STIHL Blower
4. Hand Cleaner
5. All Purpose Cleaner

Dan Grebner, Roanoke:
1. Grease Gun (TY26517)/Grease Tubes
2. Shop Rags
3. Glass Cleaner
4. Leaf Blower
5. Pry Bars – TY26148 (17in Curved), TY26149 (25in Curved), TY26151 (36in Curved)

Joe Schutte, Quincy:
1. STIHL Leaf Blower
2. John Deere Glass Cleaner
3. Shop Towels
4. Portable Air Compressor
5. Long Air Wand for the Air Compressor

Visit your local Martin Tractor dealer today and pick up a few items that will keep your equipment clean during harvest season!