Important Precision Ag Updates!

Our Integrated Solutions team would like to bring a couple important updates to our customer's attention:

  • If you have an iTC receiver, it will not work starting February 1, 2021. Please get with your Salesman or IS Specialist if you have an iTC receiver to make plans to upgrade to a SF3000 or SF6000 receiver before you need GPS in 2021. You will NOT be able to utilize AutoTrac with an iTC in 2021.
  • In August, we were told of a mandatory software update (20-2) for SF3000 and SF6000 receivers. The update must be preformed before February 1, 2021 or the SF3000 and SF6000 receivers will not work in the 2021 crop season.
  • The 2630 display is no longer manufactured as of June 1, 2020. The display will still be supported with activations and repair parts until further notice.
  • Any users of MyJohnDeere need to log into their account and agree to the updated terms and conditions if you have not done so already. Please allow yourself 20-30 minutes to review the information.
    • If the new terms and conditions are not accepted within the first 6 months, the following actions begin:
      • Data cannot be moved in/out via API or similar permission
      • Sharing of existing data stops to partners
    • If the new terms and conditions are not accepted after 13 months, the following occurs:
      • Account is closed and associated data cannot be retrieved
      • JDLink Service contracts are terminated by John Deere
    • If you have forgotten either the Username or Password, you can use the “Forgot username?” and “Forgot password?” link on to recover your forgotten usernames and/or passwords.
    • A link will be emailed to the email address used to create the account. (If it does not show up within 5 minutes, check your spam folder.)

Rod Capitani, Integrated Solutions Specialist, has this to say about the important information:

“I would encourage our customers to speak with their salesman as soon as possible to upgrade globes. Contact your IS team if you have questions on the software update. The used SF3000 globe is in high demand and may be difficult to get. The SF6000 only comes in the deluxe base and may require a bracket change on the machine. It would be in everyone’s best interest to start the upgrade early so no one is going into the spring tillage or planting season without the proper globe or update. No one wants to have to wait for software or hardware upgrades when it is go time. Everything needed for spring is available now, take advantage of the winter and be prepared for the spring season.”

Contact your local Martin Sales or Integrated Solutions Team today if you have any questions!