Inside Information, in Your Hand

Want to get a running report of every turn your riding lawn equipment takes? Get up to speed on maintenance info? Get seasonal tips from the experts? Then get your hands on the John Deere MowerPlus™ App that’ll help keep everything looking great and running well!

The MowerPlus™ App helps you determine the best time to mow and records your mowing path, total mowing time, speed, and coverage data during your mowing season.

Zach Jinks, Bloomington Salesman, recommends the MowerPlus App:

“It is a neat app. It shows your mowing patterns, time it takes for you to mow, fuel level, part numbers for the unit, etc. I would use the app just because I would like to see my mowing stats.”

Stay tuned for a demo using the MowerPlus™ app!

Download the app today by clicking HERE. Contact your local Martin Sales Team if you have any questions!