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High Moisture Kits

To minimize the chance of kernel damage when harvesting high-moisture corn (greater than 25% moisture), an insert can be installed in the auger floor that will close the gap between the floor and the auger fighting. While not required for use with the insert, a second kit can be installed that provides a lower auger position to further enhance grain quality. Check out your options below!

STS and S-Series Concaves – Kondex® Revolution™ Half-Width Concaves

Concaves are a curved section of barred or grated metal surrounding the bottom of the rotor. Crop is forced against the concaves by the rotor. The grain is then separated from the crop because of this action. The concave sections are responsible for 100% of threshing of the grain and 90% of the separation of the grain from the chaff.

The Kondex® Revolution™ Half-Width Concaves give more versatility to match varying crop conditions. Plus, they’re lighter and easier to change and install. These are available for S-Series and STS Combines.* Check out your options below!

*Not available for 9560 STS, 9570, or S550 Combines

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