It’s all about FUN with the all new Honda Talon 1000

They’re the sport side-by-sides you’ve been waiting for. The best-built, best-engineered vehicles in their class. Machines that take rider comfort, balanced performance and build quality to the next level. Full of technical innovation and infused with Honda DNA. From the minute you buckle in, they’ll amaze you.

Galesburg Salesman Tom Egan has long anticipated the Honda sport side-by-side. He has stated the Talon is all about precision handling and fun! It features aggressive styling, comfortable operators’ environment and accessories for almost every experience imaginable. These benefits equal long memorable days filled with adrenaline and enjoyment!

If you’re interested in the all new Honda Talon 1000R or Honda Talon 1000X it is available from Martin only at the Galesburg dealership. Once you’re in the seat and buckled up prepared to be amazed! When you hear the motor start and feel the acceleration, the machine will leave you smiling and wanting more. Experience the Honda Talon for yourself at Martin in Galesburg