John Deere Combines at Martin Sullivan

When it comes to grain harvesting, nobody knows more about combines than John Deere. Just as it has been said that "an army moves on its stomach," the nation's grain gets to market with John Deere technology and performance. With five S-series combines available, Martin is confident there is one to perfectly meet your needs and exceed all your expectations. We offer you the expertise and confidence required to help you boost productivity and optimize your harvesting efforts.

Machine design and consistency of performance have always characterized John Deere equipment, but modern advances result in decreased field time, higher quality grain and straw, and dependability you can bank on. With more than 100 years of experience and a continuing commitment to excellence, Deere combines include not only the most powerful machine on the market but also the most reliable. In addition, you have the availability of a premium cab, specialized tank covers and extensions, a high-performance cleaning system and a variety of other options.

Why not visit one of our 13 locations to talk about the features that interest you. Our team of sales professionals will help you analyze your choices in order to find the perfect fit between farm and machine. Large grain tanks with active trailing systems are found on the S680 and S690, while other model combines include features like push button drive shift or pro-Drive transmission systems that make operation easy. All models have flexible cab options that allow you to customize your combine.

Are you nervous about operation? It's only natural. At Martin, we even have training under control. Learn how to use your combine with the John Deere Premium Combine Simulator that focuses on increasing productivity and assuring confidence. Your operators will learn by "doing" without risking errors caused by uncertainty and unfamiliarity.

Seven separate learning modules guide new operators through all the basics, and allow practice time to develop skills. The simulator guides learners through operation of all controls, settings, and displays, proper methods of attaching and detaching equipment, and operation both in the field as well as on the road. They will also have knowledge of AMS systems configuration, operation, and applications. It's the most effective way we know to assure a good harvest.

Visit your local Martin dealer, and we'll help you choose the proper combine and grain harvesting equipment to do the job right!