John Deere for Every Occasion

Although it shouldn't surprise anyone that John Deere toys are as popular with little boys as their full-size working counterparts are with their fathers and grandfathers, it may not be quite as obvious that the proper equipment can make your work seem almost like child's play.

At the very least, there are some Deere products that can transport you into the world of fun when you need to get away from serious business.

Gators are made-to-order for fun, but they can get serious when you need them to!

Home and workshop products, too, are multi-tasking tools that can help you accomplish great things and also allow you the pleasure of working with equipment designed to make your life easier. We think you'll appreciate the fun of a Weber Q 220 Gas Grill in familiar John Deere green as much as you'll enjoy the convenience of our utility chests, drawer cabinets, portable tool boxes, and a variety of hand tools.

When you outfit your workshop with John Deere, you are assured that the quality is always up to the task at hand, and you also are likely to have just what you need when you need it.

At Martin, we can show you the advantages of stocking up on home and workshop tools that will make your life better as well as easier. We know you know that John Deere is the premier supplier of major agricultural equipment, and we want you to know that Deere quality is built into our smaller line of products as well.

And when it's time for that little boy to pick up real tools or take the wheel of your Gator to perform simple chores, you can hand over the tools or the keys with confidence, knowing that safety and quality are top-of-the-line. It's a confidence born of experience -- and it's a family tradition!