John Deere Gators Are At Martin Sullivan

Gators are, in a sense, the workhorses of the John Deere lineup. They are also the chameleons of equipment, changing form and personality to become what you need them to be.
We just call them all Gators. And, once you've had one, you'll agree that they sort of defy description. At least they can't easily be pigeon-holed.

Okay - enough with the animal references.

John Deere Gators are tough and adaptable, easy to operate, and willing to go when and where required. They can haul, carry, perform and play in a lot of different ways and a lot of different situations. There are three different series of Gators in the Deere family, and each has a few differences in terms of vehicle reliability and customer satisfaction.

Whether you choose a Traditional Gator, a High Performance or Crossover model, you'll find they all meet the Deere standard of performance.

Let's look at some of the possibilities that this kind of utility vehicle offers:

  • Martin's customers in the commercial landscaping and lawn care field sing the Gator's praises for reliable service and their ability to perform a variety of tasks with ease.
  • The affordable two-seat Gator TS with a low center of gravity and a "light footprint" on turf is a great help for hauling. Its cargo compartment is rugged enough to meet some serious hauling needs, and it's a great choice for routine delivery of bags of fertilizer or light landscaping tools.
  • By stepping up to the Gator TX Turf, you'll gain a turf model with a low center of gravity, a 16.4 cubic foot load capacity, a pickup-style tailgate, 20 tie-down points and simple-to-operate gas-assist lifting and dumping capability. Not only can it carry 600 pounds, but it can easily be converted to flatbed operation. Its flotation tires prevent ruts in soft ground and it offers an extremely comfortable ride, good for you and the turf.
  • If you have more difficult terrain to service, there are seven utility models that can handle any job you hand out. The CX 4x2 is a trooper, and will deliver not only the performance you need, but perform the way you need every time you need it. Don't be fooled by its compact size! It maneuvers in tight spaces, has a durable cargo box, and even takes to the mud like child's play.

We also have Gators that your children will love!

We at Martin can almost guarantee that you'll have more fun with a Gator than you dreamed possible. What are you waiting for? Come see us to find your new "best friend."