John Deere Reman: Remanufactured Parts and Components

Downtime is not an option. What are your options when something breaks down? John Deere REMAN component exchange is an option that may help you reduce cost in the long run and maximize your machines uptime. Galesburg service manager, Denny Wallin explains when this option is most valuable to customers. "When we get into a situation selling a product that have the REMAN option, we generally offer the customer three different options for their equipment. We explain the options, rebuild, REMAN, or the option of a new product. We give an estimate of what it cost to remove and rebuild the product if it is able to be rebuilt. We then compare rebuild cost to REMAN or the option of a new product and let the customer make the final decision. Most customers appreciate being given the options of how to proceed with the repair of their unit. Recently, we had one customer who chose to go with the REAMN option, because his tractor was an older unit and we were able to save him a substantial amount of money. He was very pleased with the outcome. We also have customers that do decide to go with a new product, but in the end, the customer is satisfied because of the options and estimates that we give before we do the work. To be successful we strive to give customers all the options that are available and explain how each option will save the customer money on their bottom line."

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