Lawn2Shop - Post Season Lawn Mower Maintenance Plan

The First Day of Fall is only 5 days away and before we know it, October will be here too! With the mowing season coming to an end, it’s time to think about how you will get your mower stored away and ready for next season.

After the end of the season, there are a few things that you can do to get your mower prepared for storage. The first thing to do is get your mower clean. Cleaning the mower includes getting rid of grass clipping, debris, and dirt that has accumulated during the season. The next step would be to clean the deck and check your blades. The key to a clean cut is making sure your blades are sharp and your deck is level. Another thing you can do is inspect your mower for any signs of damage, such as dullness, cracks, or warping of anything. The last thing is to check your oil. Fresh oil will help your mower greatly and help the life of the motor.

Are you unable to get these things done before winter comes or don’t have the space or resources to do them? The service team here at Martin can help! Now until December 29, 2023, you can sign up for our Lawn 2 Shop program at a discounted price! The Lawn 2 Shop program is a maintenance program where Martin takes care of blade sharping, deck leveling and cleaning, and more!

Are you interested in the Lawn 2 Shop maintenance program? Contact your local Martin Tractor Service Department or stop by today! Ensure your mower is ready to cut the grass next spring.