Making Harvest Easier This Year

We all know harvest is a hectic time of the year. This is when you are focused on getting the crop out of the field and into the bin all within a tight harvest window. With Gen 4 Machine Sync, there will be more time to focus on the grain harvest and grain quality. Gen 4 Machine Sync has made it easier to harvest with less stress by creating a wireless network between the tractor and combine to enable on-the-go unloading through synchronization of tractor speed and direction of travel with the combine.

Trying to successfully unload grain into a grain cart while continuing to harvest crop is difficult due to a few reasons. The communication between operators isn’t the best, trying to match the speeds of each other on the combine and grain cart, and awareness of upcoming encounters.

Machine Sync guides an approaching grain cart tractor to a predetermined “Home” position for unloading. Once the operator of the tractor engages Machine Sync, the tractor travels towards the home point and the two machines are actively tracking. The combine operator has control over the tractors speed and direction it travels. As the combine continues to harvest, the unloading of the auger begins to fill the grain cart. The combine and tractor will continue to travel synchronized until the tractor operator disengages Machine Sync. The Nudge buttons on the Gen 4 Display will allow the combine operator to nudge the tractor and grain cart forward, backward, or side to side. This is to make sure that the grain cart is being utilized to its full capacity.

The advantages of having JDLink Connect, and In-Field Data Sharing on your Gen 4 is seeing the combine location and direction of travel, having your grain cart location, knowing your combine grain tank fill level, and the combine unloading auger status. Being able to share maps and view them helps grain cart operators to see what has been harvested and to see if there is a shorter path to get to the combine.

To learn more about Machine Sync, stop by your local Martin Tractor dealer today!