Martin Sullivan: Your Home for Pre-Owned Equipment

John Deere has a reputation as a builder of reliable farm equipment and machinery that lasts a long time. But even the best sometimes outlives its usefulness for a particular owner. In those cases, the equipment, whether it's a tractor, a sprayer, a tiller or a columbine, can often go on to serve another owner in spectacular fashion -- and represent a smart financial move for both.

Martin is proud to maintain an ever-changing inventory of Deere machinery just waiting to be put back into service. We also have good deals on some of the other lines that we represent, all checked out and ready to go.

When your budget doesn't allow for a shiny new Deere why not consider investing in the pre-owned equipment that can satisfy your specific needs?

As a John Deere dealer, we are always interested in matching our clients with the most modern and most efficient farm machinery on the market. If, in your case, that means "used," we are happy to explore those options with you. Our attention to detail and commitment to service extend far beyond the new and shiny.

We have a vested interest in keeping your machinery running. We know that satisfied clients form the backbone of our business. And, just as with our 90-year history with John Deere, we hope our association with every client is a long one.