Minimize Tire Damage This Year

Minimize tire and track damage with John Deere Stalk Deflectors! They are one-fifth the weight of Lankota and Stalk Stoper equipment. These stalk deflectors are lightweight and integrated directly into the frame. Stalk deflectors are set directly behind each row or in front of the combine tires. They fracture the corn stubble by pushing it down toward the ground. By pushing the stalks down towards the ground, it will help save the tires and speed up decomposition. Stalk Deflectors are going to reduce the chance of damage not only on your combine tires but also tractors, grain carts, and trucks when you take them into the field. This will help extend the life on your tires and even reduce overall maintenance costs.

Stop by your nearest Martin location to learn more about how you can minimize tire damage with Stalk Deflectors!