New Equipment: Big and Shiny

Large agriculture equipment built by John Deere is designed to be tough, even though it may have a "pretty face" when new. We think you will continue to be just as proud of the way it looks as the way it performs, even though time and service may dull its shine a bit.

Knowing that you have the best large farm equipment available should fill you with a sense of pride and contribute to your bottom line because of the reliable and consistent trouble-free performance that the brand is known for.

In addition, should you experience any problems or need to replace a part, you can rely on the service provided by Martin, with 13 convenient Illinois locations.
Our staff is trained to help you assess your needs and recommend equipment to perfectly satisfy your requirements, from tractors with specialty add-ons to combines and harvesting equipment, planters and sprayers or cutters and shredders. We also carry a full line of tillage equipment, and we have the nutrient applicators that will improve your yields.

Don't hesitate to give us a call for all your needs, large or small.