One Bundle. Four Advanced Automation Tools.

You’ve been there… wondering about that guess row at harvest then praying you don’t see the “row of shame” on your last pass. With the John Deere Automation 4.0 Bundle and all the automated tools that come with it, it will help you stress less and have more precision in your operation. Let’s dive in all that comes with the bundle.

Forget the “row of shame” with AutoPath™

AutoPath is included in your Automation 4.0 bundle. Using strip till and planting data, AutoPath automatically creates full-field guidance lines for secondary passes.

  • Gain accuracy with guidance based on actual planted row crops.
  • Decrease set-up time for harvest operations and reduce crop damage.
  • Know which rows to start on, regardless of equipment width.

AutoTrac™ Turn Automation for Tractors

  • Make the perfect end row turn every time.
  • Automatically complete accurate turns and end-of-pass functions at the right times.
  • Reduce strain on operators and save on input costs.

AutoTrac™ Implement Guidance

  • Precisely place implement for pass-by-pass accuracy.
  • Implement repeatability precisely places inputs for crop uptake and growth.
  • Find even more accuracy on curved or sloped passes.

Machine Sync

  • Automate unloading on-the-go.
  • Monitor multiple machines in the field at the same time.
  • Ensure grain cart always knows combine’s grain take fill level.

Let’s get you set up with Automation 4.0 today! Call your local Product Support Specialist for more details.