Our Pre-Owned Combine Line-Up is Waiting for You

As you all know, inventory has been hard to come by with all the shortages we are having to overcome, and delivery dates of new pieces are unknown. But we don’t want that to slow you down or stop you from buying your next piece of equipment!

We have just over 90 pre-owned combines for you to choose from – maybe it’s your dream combine too! We recently started adding a tag to our pre-owned inventory pictures that let’s you know if that piece is truly on our lot – and we do have a few combines that are! We also have some combines that won’t be available until middle to late harvest, or maybe even next year for next year’s harvest. Again, don’t let that stop you from buying!

If you find a combine you like, don’t hesitate or wait to contact your Salesman! Get that piece of mind by signing the purchase order knowing you will be getting your combine as soon as possible. And there’s one word that we all have been hearing lately – inflation. So, with that being said, the best time to buy is now!

Click here to browse our pre-owned combine inventory and click here to contact your Salesman today!