Plan ahead for a fresh spring: Lawn & Garden special Season

With the weather changing and the temperatures dropping, no one wants to think about their lawn mower or that dreaded spring to-do list. But wouldn't it be nice to know you have a like-new lawn mower waiting for you in the garage when spring rolls around?

Our Service Special

With winter creeping up on us, it's a smart idea to get your mower serviced and winterized before putting it away for the season. Martin offers free pick-up and delivery of your mower for regular maintenance. We'll pick up your mower from your house, provide expert winterization and service, and deliver it back to your garage. Servicing and winterizing includes belt-tightening, fluid changes, blade sharpening, and cleaning.

We Make It Easy

We've made it as easy as possible for our customers to get their lawn care equipment serviced with our exclusive offer of free pick-up and delivery. When everyone else is lugging their dirty, out-of-shape lawn mowers out in the spring, you'll be the first one out on your lawn because you called Martin this winter! Call your local Martin today, and we'll haul in your mower and polish it up new, just before spring arrives.