Reach the next level with RowMax Upgrades for your corn head.

John Deere recently has introduced the NEW John Deere RowMax™ chopping stalk roll available from your parts departments at Martin. The stalk roll provides an additional processing option for customer with John Deere corn heads model 2012 and newer. To learn more, watch this video.


  • Sizes most stalk residue to less than 6” with TEN intermeshing knives
  • Drops stalk residue on top of the row for improved performance for no-till and strip-till producers the following season
  • Explodes the top of the stalk for reduced tire and track wear

Competitive Advantage

While StalkMaster™ has been successful in meeting the needs of many producers, others seek residue sizing at reduced power consumption relative to a chopping corn head. There are some aftermarket competitors who also have a version of chopping stalk rolls, however the John Deere RowMax™ has demonstrated superior Performance vs. the competition.

  • Reduced power consumption – 7% less power required
  • Reduced trash intake – 25% less trash ingested
  • Reduced flagging – 795 fewer stalk flags
  • Increased wear life – 30% greater wear life

Stalk Roll Portfolio

John Deere offers a full line of stalk rolls to meet customer’s needs. Four RowMax™ stalk roll options are now available for any John Deere corn head model year 2012 or newer from your Martin parts departments.

RowMax™ Roll Options

Straight Fluted Stalk Rolls

  • Sizes stalk residue to >12”
  • Part Numbers HXE41143 and HXE41144

RowMax™ Opposed Stalk Rolls

  • Sizes most stalk residue to >12”, eight opposed knives
  • Part Numbers HXE110671 and HXE110672

RowMax™ Intermeshing Stalk Rolls

  • Sizes most stalk residue to 6-12”, six intermeshing knives
  • Part Numbers HXE110675 and HXE110676

RowMax™ Chopping Stalk Rolls

  • Sizes most stalk residue to <6”, ten intermeshing knives
  • Part Numbers HXE141569 and HXE141570

For more information on the RowMax chopping stalk rolls click here and save thru August 15th.