Scan, Detect, and Apply. It's That Easy.

Targeting weeds in your fields just got easier. The See & Spray Select is an all-new design. It’s the first factory-installed spot-spray machine for controlling weeds on fallow ground and is offered on the 400 and 600 Series Sprayers.

How does See & Spray Select work? First, the boom will scan areas of fallow ground for weeds. On a 120ft boom, 36 cameras are located across the length of the boom, scanning over 2,000 sq. ft per second.

Once the weeds are detected by the camera, a signal is sent back to the controller. The controllers are located along the boom to process the information.

Once the controller identifies an area in the field as a weed, a signal is sent across the boom to activate only specific nozzles. The number of nozzles to activate can vary depending on the weeds that were located.

Studies have shown that this application uses an average of 77% less herbicide.

When you use the Generation 4 Display, you will be able to track your records when the herbicide was applied. It also provides a coverage map of the area not traveled with herbicide.

Stop by your local Martin dealer today to learn more about the all new See & Spray Select!

Check out John Deere’s video on the See and Spray Select HERE.