Self- Repairs Made Easy with John Deere Customer Service Advisor

Plant23 will be here before you know it. That means long hours for you and your machinery and possible breakdowns. Many times, these breakdowns occur at the most inconvenient time, right. With the John Deere Customer Service Advisor, you can be prepared to repair or at least diagnose the problem from your shop on in the field.

Customer Service Advisor is a digital database full of operator, diagnostic, and technical manuals for your John Deere tractors, self-propelled sprayers, and planters. With this service, you can connect your laptop computer to your machine to clear and refresh codes, take diagnostic readings, and perform limited calibrations.

Signing up for Customer Service Advisor is a simple process.

  • Go Customer Service Advisor page on the Martin Tractor website.
  • You will receive a call from a Martin Tractor representative who will first discuss whether you have the right computer hardware to run it on your farm. You may need a possible computer upgrade to run the application.
  • After downloading the application, we will briefly train you on the capabilities of the program to ensure you are ready to run.
Customer Service Advisor is simple to use, making it user-friendly in the field or at your shop. To learn more about Customer Service Advisor and what it can do for you, contact your local Martin Tractor dealer.