Sprayer Inspection & Winterization

Sprayers take a beating during the crop growing season, which makes it important to store them correctly for the winter so that they are ready to go in the spring. Many of you may still be working hard, but is your sprayer winterized properly?

To protect your sprayer and to help your equipment last longer, here is a checklist for end of the season sprayer inspection and winterizing:

  • Remember to wear appropriate protective gear when cleaning herbicide or pesticide equipment. It's especially important to wear protective eye gear.
  • Flush the system with clean water. Thoroughly clean and rinse the interior of the tank and flush out the plumbing. Allow for circulation through the rinse balls and agitation plumbing.
  • Drain the tank and open all valves. Use compressed air to blow out any liquid from solution lines. Remove all inline strainers and clean them out. Drain agitation lines and rinse ball lines.
  • Run a recommended antifreeze through the system long enough to reach any hoses and booms.
  • Wash the sprayer off. Use a tank cleaner or a sprayer wash down product. Chemicals can damage a sprayer from the outside in, just as much as from the inside out.
  • Disconnect the electrical connections and apply a coating of dielectric grease on all the terminals to prevent corrosion. Grease all pivot points and lubricate any other moving parts.
  • Inspect the complete machine for repairs for next season.
  • Store anything removable (guns, nozzle tips, and strainers) in a clean, dry place. Cover any openings on the sprayer so that dirt, insects, etc. cannot enter the equipment.

Don't have time? We all have the best of intentions when it comes to checking our equipment and getting it ready for the next season – but let's face it, there are only so many hours in a day. That's where the Service Team at your local Martin location can help! One of our technicians can visit your machine in the field or at any Martin location and perform the following tasks:

• 165 point post-season inspection
• Check for and perform software updates
• Winterizing of liquid units and foamers

Stop in today and talk to your local Integrated Solutions Specialist, Salesperson, or Parts Professional for more information about winterizing and maintenance of your spray equipment.