Stay Connected this Harvest!

It’s August and that means Harvest is around the corner! We hope all your cops are coming up strong and looking good. In this blog post, we would like to touch base on our Martin SMART app, AgriSync app, and John Deere’s Connect Mobile, GoHarvest, JDLink and the App Center apps. Do you have any of these apps downloaded on any of your devices? From start to finish, these apps will be beneficial and most importantly, convenient for you, as the farmer, to make this harvest better than the last.

Blake Schoonover, Precision Specialist, has this to say about the apps and why he recommends downloading them:

“Downloading these apps is all about convenience for the customer. With apps like Connect Mobile, My Operations and JDLink they can have machine and agronomic data with them at any time. They don’t have to get to a computer or the machine to pull a map or hours off a tractor. They can easily pull the phone out of their pocket and in about 30 seconds have most of their farming data available. With apps like GoHarvest, PlanterPlus and ApplyPlus they can run through a few quick easy steps to make sure their machine is setup and ready to go. And with the Martin app they can find our used inventory, order parts, check their account information, verify RTK info and watch tutorial guides. All of these provide convenience and quick answers.”

Let’s dive in and dissect each app!

Martin SMARTmobile

Our Martin SMARTmobile app has quite a few resources right at your fingertips! You can easily lookup parts and even order them, check out the Martin RTK network towers, contact your local Martin parts and service departments, watch how-to videos, and so much more! Download it today HERE.


AgriSync enables farmers and advisors to connect and resolve support issues using a mobile video customer service platform. You can either use the app or call/text 309-362-0432 to share a picture or video about an issue and it will alert our entire Precision Ag Team! You can save time and frustration while maximizing uptime and productivity! Download the app today HERE.

John Deere Connect Mobile

Connect Mobile can be used to planting, spraying, and harvesting operations. This app is downloaded onto an iPad to monitor, optimize, and ensure high quality operations, to the best job possible. Connect Mobile split-screen view allows users to compare a previous planting layer with current harvest layer, giving the operator instant understanding of variety performance, and helping find how to best harvest the field. Download the app today HERE.

John Deer GoHarvest

GoHarvest give S, W and T Series combine operators the ability to optimize their 2012 or newer machine by adjusting maximize grain quality and combine performance. GoHarvest is also a great guide to use in field for settings changes as conditions differ, and to document changes made to settings during harvest. Download the app today HERE.

John Deere JDLink

Rod Capitani, Integrated Solutions Specialists, describes JDLink as “a cellular modem that allows transmission of data. By itself it will relay location, machine health, machine alerts and certain over-the-air software updates. Additional uses via additional subscriptions or activations include field documentation, remote viewing of displays, remote adjustments on some machines and machine to machine communications (map sharing and machine sync). JDLink, in a nutshell, is the interstate highway system for all other technology systems to travel on.” Download the app today HERE.

John Deere App Center

The App Center is one convenient location to search for the John Deere mobile apps. You will be able to find GoHarvest and more within the App Center. Download the app today HERE.

We hope you find this blog helpful and useful for the upcoming Harvest season. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask our Integrated Solutions Team!