The Importance of Getting Your Combine Inspected Now

Hello July! Wait, it’s July already? Where has the last half of the year gone? Just a couple more months and we could be combining! How crazy is that? But it is a great time to start thinking about getting your combine in for an inspection before harvest starts!

Luke Riley, Service Manager at our Roanoke location, has this to say why it is important to get your combine in now instead of later:

  • Preventative maintenance results in less downtime
  • Oil/coolant samples are pulled to help prevent major repairs
  • Gives you an idea of the time needed for repair so you’re not rushing
  • John Deere certified techs are looking over your machinery
  • Allows another set of eyes to be laid on the machine – catch missed damage
  • Gives customer confidence knowing they will be going to the field with a reliable working machine
  • Discounted inspection until July 31st

Paul Rosmann, Service Manager at our Aledo location, also has this to say why its is important to get your combine in now instead of later:

It is important to get your combine inspected now instead of later this summer for several reasons. One reason is just preventative failures and breakdowns. Having it inspected now gives you the ease of mind that your machine is ready to go the field and perform at the best of its ability. Now more than ever efficiency will be important. Having issues addressed before going to the field also should allow for more “UP” time and with the weather we have had the past couple years being able to run when you need to is very important. The last and major reason is because waiting til the last minute to get it inspected causes a bottle neck in the shop and delayed wait times on getting machines back.

Starting today, the John Deere 2020 Harvest Catalog is available with the best prices of the season on combine parts! You can view the catalog HERE.

Contact your local Martin Service Department today to get your combine in for an inspection!