The John Deere Furrow and Homestead

The John Deere Furrow was first published in 1895 and continues to be a source of helpful information and real life stories for John Deere customers. The John Deere Furrow keeps up to date with a constantly changing digital environment by housing archives and new issues online as well as social media platforms.

The John Deere Homestead magazine publication is written for and about property owners, country-lifestyle enthusiast and part time farmers who share a connection with the land, which is a crucial component of their identity and their enjoyment of their lifestyle. The archives for the Homestead can also be found online as well as current issues.

If you like the stories from John Deere's The Furrow and Homestead magazines, make sure you check out the "On Life and Land" series available on the Apple iTunes store. This series takes a deeper dive into stories from agriculture, rural life, history and art...if it has a connection to the land, it is discussed on the podcast.