The Kit to Get Your Lawn & Garden Equipment Ready for Spring!

Now that the weather is finally cooperating and it’s starting to feel like Spring, doing maintenance on your lawn and garden equipment doesn’t sound too bad, does it? Who has been putting that off up until now? Do we have anyone who has had their lawn and garden equipment maintenance’d for a month now? ? Well, if you still need to get those mowers or those gators ready for Spring, you still have time to get your Home Maintenance Kit at a discounted price!

If you just need the Home Maintenance Kit, you get 15% off. If you need the Home Maintenance Kit and/or Mower Blades, you get 20% off. How about that deal? Hurry as these offers end April 30th!

What’s in the Home Maintenance Kit you ask? Well, most HMK include: 2 quarts of oil, 1 oil filter, 1 air filter, 1 fuel filter, an air pre-cleaner and spark plug(s).

While our showrooms are still currently closed for the safety of our customers and employees, you can order your HMK by calling in your order or order using our Dealer Customer Portal!

Contact your local Martin Dealership today and our Parts Department will be more than happy to help you out!