The Next Generation of Hagie

The next generation is here! With everything that is new with the Hagie STS (single-tank solution) Sprayer, there’s one thing that isn’t – your ability to hit the field any time!

With the power and efficiency of the Hagie STS Sprayer you will be able to spray all day on a single tank of diesel. Experience the uncompromised performance of John Deere PowerTech PSS 9.0 L Engine with the Hagie STS sprayer. This will allow you to maintain consistent spray patterns even for the most challenging field conditions.

AutoTrac RowSense is an optional guidance system. It uses a paddle sensor that is mounted on the sprayer’s front wheels to detect plants and keep the sprayer in the row, and off the crop. This allows for faster application speeds.

AutoTrac Vision is another optional guidance system. This is a front-mounted camera to see early-season corn and soybeans at least 6-in high. The AutoTrac Vision is also designed to keep the sprayer wheels in the center of each row to reduce crop damage.

You can step right into advanced technology with JDLink connection, StarFire 6000 receivers, and Generation 4 displays. The JDLink streams data to the John Deere Operations Center, machine-to-machine communication, in-field data sharing with your agronomic consultant and more. The StarFire provides +/- 1.2in of accuracy.

All-Wheel Steer on the Hagie STS keeps all four tires in the same tracks to reduce crop damage. Even when turning, the rear tires follow in the same tracks as the front tires.

Take on any terrain with CommandDrive! This system always monitors for wheel slip so that it can transfer more power to the other wheels for real-time traction control. Meaning that you will automatically maintain a consistent speed and spray pattern.

With the signature front boom, you don’t have to turn and look behind you to monitor accuracy.

Contact your local Martin Sales team today to learn more about the all New Hagie STS Sprayer!

Check out John Deere’s video on the 400 and 600 Series Sprayers HERE.