The Ultimate Mini Landscaper

Introducing the ultimate mini landscaping tractor. The 2025R has it all and so can you! From the AutoConnect Drive Over mower deck for mowing season to the optional heated cab for those winter months when you are using your front blade to push snow. But don’t forget to add a loader, backhoe, blade and your 2025R Series just turned into the perfect mini landscaping tractor!

Power is provided by a durable and efficient high-torque 3-cylinder diesel engine. The 2025R Series has a YANMAN TNV SERIES ENGINE offering several features.
1. There is reduced vibration and noise on the operator.
2. Easy access to engine check and fill points on the right-hand side of the tractor.
3. High-torque reserve provides plenty of power under heavy load and you still retain good fuel economy.
4. Sealed-radiator compartment keeps trash and debris outside of the hood.

1. The front Quik-Tatch hitch makes changing out front implements quick and easy.
2. Blades, brooms, and snow blowers are going to use a common hitch. This is for all front implements.
3. The AutoConnect Mid-Mount Mower Deck can be taken on or off within 5 minutes without any tools.
4. iMatch Quick-Hitch has three fixed points to back in and pick up a rear implement that are iMatch compatible.
5. Several implements can be attached at the same time. Example: Loader, mid-mower, and a backhoe. This gives the operator flexibility when completing another task.

2-Range Hydrostatics Transmission:
1. No clutching for fast and easy direction change
2. Twin Touch foot pedals for ease of forward/reverse operation
3. Transmission oil cooler

The 2-Range Hydrostatics Transmission also include safety features:
1. The tractor will only start when in neutral
2. If the operator tries to start the tractor while in gear, the instrument panel instructs the operator to shift to neutral
3. The engine will shut off if the operator leaves the seat

Stop by your local Martin Tractor dealer today to get your ultimate mini landscaper!